How to handle when the fabric moisture meter is broken

To meet the needs of people in the textile industry to enhance and test the quality of products, Fabric moisture meter appears to solve problems related to a moisture content of raw materials that constitutes a textile product.

The fabric moisture meter is a compact device that is hand-held and applies electronic conductivity test principles from the feet of the machine to determine the moisture content of the fabric during yarn transfer, yarn trading, storage. store and process fiber as well as export.

However, like any other sensitive electronic device, sometimes your fabric moisture meter may not work correctly. There are several reasons why fabric moisture meters do not work, some machines are easy to fix, some are difficult?

To help you keep the fabric moisture meter working well in top working conditions, for accurate measurements, you need to know the reasons why your fabric moisture meter does not work as follows.

  • Why does the machine not work?

Low battery

When the fabric moisture meter is low on battery power, the device may not turn on or may not correctly read the measurement results. Warning signs of low battery include a fade display, inability to read, or simply cannot turn on the device. If there is not enough battery, the accuracy of the machine may be permanently affected. With this problem, you just need to replace the battery to make it work properly.

 Broken disk / Scan plate

The pins on a type moisture meter with a battery and scan plate on a non-foot device are not separated from the correct operation of the moisture meter. When damaged, the accuracy of the machine may be affected. Repairs or replacements are for after the damage has been done. For most batteries, the measuring pins are designed to be easy to remove and replace, making fixing problems simple.

 A moisture meter in the wrong form

One of the most common reasons that fabric moisture meters do not work- they press the measurement button but nothing happens because they are in the wrong menu.

The best way to fix is to read the user manual or ask the vendor or manufacturer for help. Some manufacturers even have online videos that explain how to use the advanced features of their fabric moisture meter.

The internal components of the moisture meter are broken

The machine falls on hard concrete, or you store it in a place with a high temperature or too low, … – whatever the reason, the machine has some serious internal damage and it won’t work anymore.

In most cases, besides troubleshooting yourself, it’s better to send the device back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

The meter is out of calibration

If a machine is out of calibration, the best solution is to send it to the manufacturer for simple repairs. In many cases, this small problem can be overcome quickly

  • Things to keep in mind to preserve fabric moisture meter

Leave the machine without any of the above problems. Proper preservation is also important. Let’s look at ways to preserve the device below!

Maintain an important part of the fabric moisture meter – sensor element.

The sensor is the part that determines whether the machine will give accurate analytical results. Therefore, users should regularly clean this part, avoiding dust and dirt creating dark spots for the sensor.

Notice where to store the device

A fabric moisture meter should be stored in cool, dry places. Avoid leaving the device in places with high humidity, dust, temperatures that are too low or too high because these places are easy to cause damage, reducing the operation of the machine.

Regularly clean the machine with a soft, damp towel.

Note when cleaning, avoid using rough towels that will scratch the device. Also, using a smooth towel would be better for the machine.

Please remove the battery if not using the device

Users need to regularly check the battery – the energy source that maintains the machine’s operation.

If the meter is not used routinely, users should remove the battery from the device. Because, if the device is less used, keep the battery in the machine, causing the plastic battery to spill. In the case of regular use, when the device shows up the symbol “Low”, the user needs to replace the battery immediately, avoid trying to use, otherwise, it will reduce the measurement results and may damage the machine.

The  fabric should not be too thick or too thin

If the sample of the material is too thick or thin, it will distort the measurement result, so be sure to put the sample in a reasonable level to get the most accurate result.

In conclusion

I have explained to you the common issues and how to preserve the best moisture meter for a long time. Wish it useful for you.

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