A cup of surprise

On weekdays, I get up around 5 am. Every so often Quincy will hear me and decide to also get up. I tell him that it is too early to be up and send him back to bed. No big deal… usually.

A couple mornings ago Quincy got up and I sent him back to bed… 5 times!

The last time he got up he said he needed water. So, I took him into the kitchen, handed him a cup of water and then, in a very impatient tone, told him to not get up again or there would be big consequences. I then left him to drink his water and returned to the bathroom to continue getting ready for work.

After a minute or so, Quincy stuck his head in the door to tell me he was returning to bed and that there was a note on the kitchen counter for me. After my shower I went into the kitchen to find this…

I love you too, Quincy.

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