Is Cheap Wood Chisels Better Than Expensive Chisels?

I’m so excited when I find out the good tools for wood chisels. I’m sure that if you are here, you are confusing what is the best choice when facing on many tools of the wood chisel. Besides the real and perfect tools, there are many cheap brands about the wood chisel with the bad product, weak materials, and limited skill, not forget the main things here is the price, low price always makes you blind, and you will buy it with many risks. So with my experience before I buy it, I read, watched the review and asked friends, I’m sure I can guide you what the things to know and avoid when you want to buy wood chisel.

Price, price, and price

Everything will have a price of it’s. But nowadays there are still have crazy things in the world like Xiaomi of China, the cheap smartphone with excellent quality as compared with iPhone, or Samsung. That’s all, it just a hot trend in a recent when human have been developt in a constant area, and this sector is popular in the world, I mean, all people need it. Now go back to the wood chisels, what do you think there are also have cheap wood chisels with good quality? For me, the answer is not. Why? Let’s compare with two product here. I’m the one who bought it, and the result is very amazing.

The first product I bought in a market and that is the first time I buy the wood chisel with no experience because I want to create one wooden doll for my younger sister and my thought seems very simple just buy one. And then I went the market, asked the người bán hàng,  he introduced many types of wood chisels and with a different cost also. Finally, I bought the tools which were a little higher than the tools had the cheapest cost. It is made in China, no stranger with you guys, right.

Start with the first cut. OMG, It is so awful, my wood had rough, it looks so bad; moreover, when you use it in the wood it is so hard to use, and chisels, the weight of it may increase many times, and it makes my hand feel hurt. Overall, It not sharp, it takes my time, it breaks my doll, and it makes my hand feel uncomfortable. There’s nothing more to be said that terrible. After using it once I throw it in a corner and find my friends to ask help.

The second time I bought the wood chisel was for my father. My father is a man very keen on with the wood product, and in that time he wants to try to create a wood chair with dragon texture for his room, he is a fan of dragon and dæmon. I remembered about the tool with bad memories in the last time, so this time I asked my friend to buy a new one with good quality. And I found tools from Japan, the unique thing in this tool is that you have to book to Japanese who make it, the thing here is they make it by themselves, it different with the first tool, mass production. 60 product was finished in 3 months said by salespersons. This product has 1 item, that why the price when you buy 1 set will higher, not like the kits of China.

You know that if you try the bad thing before, you will know how awesome this tool. By the way, about the benefit, this tool made from carbon steel whereas China’s tool is CR-V steel. What to know the second in this sector is tool material. Characteristic of Carbon steel is crispy but very sharp. And when I compared it together, Japan’s tool is brighter and thicker; the shape is the same. When I cut the wood, the surface so smooth and it is straightforward to use, no more feeling heavy. The sound is so catchy.

This is the finished surface when using China’s tool.

This is the finished surface when using Japan’s tool

The price of two devices

–    China is 11$

–    Japan is 19.2$

You can refer to some product here. I checked it so you can rest assured.


With the double prices, The second tool I bought is excellent. Listen to me, try to accumulate money to buy a perfect item, don’t be cheap and then waste it. So this is my experience when purchasing wood chisel. I hope you can find useful things from my writing. Thank you. See you in another my written.

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A cup of surprise

On weekdays, I get up around 5 am. Every so often Quincy will hear me and decide to also get up. I tell him that it is too early to be up and send him back to bed. No big deal… usually.

A couple mornings ago Quincy got up and I sent him back to bed… 5 times!

The last time he got up he said he needed water. So, I took him into the kitchen, handed him a cup of water and then, in a very impatient tone, told him to not get up again or there would be big consequences. I then left him to drink his water and returned to the bathroom to continue getting ready for work.

After a minute or so, Quincy stuck his head in the door to tell me he was returning to bed and that there was a note on the kitchen counter for me. After my shower I went into the kitchen to find this…

I love you too, Quincy.

A grand return

It’s been over a year since I last updated my site. Wow.

Just a couple days ago I was trying to remember something that had happened almost two years ago. I turned to my site to see if I had documented the event. Turns out that I had. But that’s not all I discovered. By not updating my site I have missed a lot of opportunities to share stories about my family.

Going back and reading some if the things Quincy has said was great fun, but it also made me sad that I didn’t have more stuff about Maggie on the site. So, as of today I am going to attempt to return to blogging and sharing stories of my family. My hope is that one day Maggie and Quincy will be able to read back through the posts and get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

I won’t be pulling any small updates (AKA Twitter) into this site like I use to. If you want to keep up-to-date with those or any family photos I might share, then it’s best to friend me in Facebook.

With that said… let the blogging begin!

Multitasking Maggie

This past weekend, we took the kids to Culver’s for lunch. Maggie and Quincy love going to Culver’s. I always try to get the big round corner booth so that Maggie can run back and forth on the bench while we are there. It’s a lot of fun.

In the middle of our meal I looked over at Maggie, because she was suddenly very quiet. She was standing on the bench making what we call the “poopie face”. This consists of a ridged stance with a very red and strained look on her face.

I then looked to Mahra and pointed out that Maggie was pooping. Mahra made a comment that Maggie was doing two things at once… or multitasking. Maggie then proceeded to state, in a rather loud (and cute) voice…

Tonight Quincy reached a new milestone

Tonight Quincy reached a new milestone. The loss of his first baby tooth.

That thing had been hanging on by only a bit of gum for a few days now. I finally talked him into letting me pull it out so that it didn’t hurt him to eat anymore. He was very brave and didn’t even get upset when it was all done… both times! That’s right. The first time the string slipped right off the tooth. The second time I was so nervous I could hardly tie the string around the tooth due to my severely shaking hands. Nevertheless, we all managed to get through it and here are the results of our hard work and fierce bravery.

I often stop and reflect back on the choices

I often stop and reflect back on the choices I have made in my life. The good and the bad. Every time there is this one particular choice that shoots right to the #1 spot on the good list. The day that I asked Mahra to marry me.

Today marks 9 wonderful years that I have had the ability to say “This my wife, Mahra Seward” and it has been completely – well awesome.

Happy Aniversary, Mahra. I love you more than anything.