How to create a beveled edge with wood planers

Are you planning to create a beveled edge for your wood panel? But unfortunately, your table saw is broken. So you don’t know how to solve this problem. Why not try using your power planer? You are doubting my suggestion, are you? I’m not joking with you. You can use a power saw to create bevel edges without having to use any other woodworking tool.

So, how to create a bevel angle with a power planer? I don’t take much of your time anymore. Find out now.

What is a power planer

The power wood planer is one of the most used devices for carpenters. Besides the capacity of making the rough wood panels smooth and flat as the devices. The power planer can also smooth out the grain of the wood and create angled wood boards.

Especially, the device is also equipped with many outstanding functions. Like there is a depth adjustment knob so you can adjust the cutting force easily. In particular, the parts of the device can be disassembled simply if you want to clean or wash.

How to create a beveled edge by  using a power planer

Step 1: Prepare



Before you start your planing job, make sure you wear safe clothes and the right type of safety equipment. First, you should wear a pair of safety goggles to protect you from dust and prevent wood chips from getting into your eyes. Next, you need to wear clothes that fit you that are not too long to avoid getting pulled into the blade of the planer. That is extremely dangerous and scary.

Note: Many people think that wearing gloves is a necessity to avoid getting your hand sucked into the planer. That statement is completely wrong. Wearing gloves is not only unnecessary but also makes you more dangerous. Because wearing gloves is quite entangled it makes your planning process difficult and inflexible. When problems occur you will not respond promptly and quickly.

Step 2: Fix your wooden board

Before planing, make sure your board is secured in place. If your board is not rigidly fixed, it can be shaken or moved from position making your planning process awkward and challenging. Therefore, That is extremely important because any small mistake will affect the outcome and quality of your wood.

To secure the wood panel firmly, you can use wooden clip or vise to fix the edges. If you want the wood to be firmer, protect the wood by placing two shortcuts between the wood you want to plan and the clip.

Many wooden planks are moldy that you cannot see. Therefore, to check the quality of wood before handling, The best method is to get the best moisture meter that useful and necessary for every carpenter.

Step 3: Start with the first cut

After preparing, now is the time to embark on the first cutting process. First, connect your power planer plug into the socket to be ready to cut. Then, adjust the depth of the cut line that you want (on the handle of the machine). Next, embark on the plan, Highlight the edge where you want to cut the bevel. Please plan a straight line of wood and follow the line you marked. And pay attention to hold both ends of the planing device to plan the most stable and reliable. After making a turn, return to the starting point.

Step 4: Make more cuts

To create the bevel edge clearer. You need to cut in several more times. Repeat the procedure from step 3. You should also note that all cuts must be in the same direction and each cut must be in constant motion. Moreover, do not stop while in the process, you will lose accuracy. Your bevel edge will not be perfect.

Cut about 5 to 6 times until you find your bevel angle is best and according to your desire.

Step 5:  Finish

After planing on the bevel edge you require, now use sandpaper to make the bevel edge smooth and flat. After that, you should wipe the wood with a fabric or soft towel to remove any remaining dust. Repeat this process for all the edges where you want to create the bevel angle. When you’re done, turn off the planer and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

In conclusion

To create a perfect bevel edge not everyone can do, especially difficult for beginners. If you are new, you should train cutting straight much to master first with the best wood planer. After that, use the power planer to practice cutting the bevel edge.  Have you found the article useful? I hope that the knowledge I have provided is helpful to you. And thank you for taking the time to read the entire article.

The laser level and somes notes when using

Nowadays, most type of laser level is so well-liked and turning into an important point with a lot of people. People are keen on using the laser level because of its outstanding characteristics and superior applicability in a lot of works now. I must say that the best laser level is easily found and bought because the laser level is well-known in not only one country but also a lot of countries in the world. The laser level is believed to use by a lot of people in different works and areas including building sector, electricity industry, and many different works of our society. I know that the laser level brings human’s life good influences and our life is enhanced effectively a lot by this tool. However, I need to keep in mind some important notes during the using process. My article today will give you a lot of information about safe and effective measures when using the laser level.

Some important notes that we should commit to memory

We can see that every type of tool or machine is needed to have some safety rules for users so that users can avoid and get the best performance at work. Here are some prominent rules that I would like to give you in this article.

When performing calibration for the laser level

  • The first thing you need to remember is that the vertical beams must always be straight and parallel to the plumb line. Besides, they must also concentrically intersect at a celestial point coinciding with plucking mind.
  • The next important thing when we check the laser level is that the laser beam must be evenly lit and there is no splitting.
  • Before starting measuring, the horizontal beam must ensure balance at every rotation. Moreover, there is no warping and deflection of the horizontal beam.
  • The users must always come close to the machine and detect the indicator light of this tool to promptly handle when the bubble exceeds the balance limit.

The four things above are some important notes when we perform the calibration for the laser level. We must remember all of them during working with any types of laser level to have the best performance. However, there are some other useful rules for most users when they use the laser level.

  • To achieve the best result, people must choose a suitable and suitable installation location as possible, and especially avoid the places in which there is a strong impact from outside.
  • When you finish using or you want to move the laser level, you should remember to turn off the power. It is one of the best ways to protect the device from beam deflection or collision during movement.
  • When we do not use the laser level, we should store it in a cool and dry place. Besides, we also need to avoid placing the device in damp and dusty places because that can prevent the laser level from rusting and broken in a short time of using. Moreover, carrying out this step also helps our machine increase life.
  • The next rule is that we need to check the laser regularly to ensure that our machine always works with high accuracy.
  • If we do not have the professional knowledge about the laser level, we are not allowed to disassemble the device by yourself. So I advise you to bring your device to a qualified repair professional in case this tool is out of work.
  • When we do not use the laser level for a long time, we should remove the battery to avoid forgetting resulting in the watery batter. That can cause bad impacts on the laser level.
  • We should clean the laser level regularly to avoid rusting and dusting from outside. Especially, using chemicals and solvents when cleaning the laser level is prohibited because of some bad results about the working quality and working efficiency.

To sum up

There are a lot of safety rules and notes when we use the laser level. I think that all people know the high application and high working quality of the laser level in our life but not many of us know how to use this tool safely and effectively. So I hope my article will be beneficial for your works. Moreover, I advise you to do each safety way that I give you here.

How to handle when the fabric moisture meter is broken

To meet the needs of people in the textile industry to enhance and test the quality of products, Fabric moisture meter appears to solve problems related to a moisture content of raw materials that constitutes a textile product.

The fabric moisture meter is a compact device that is hand-held and applies electronic conductivity test principles from the feet of the machine to determine the moisture content of the fabric during yarn transfer, yarn trading, storage. store and process fiber as well as export.

However, like any other sensitive electronic device, sometimes your fabric moisture meter may not work correctly. There are several reasons why fabric moisture meters do not work, some machines are easy to fix, some are difficult?

To help you keep the fabric moisture meter working well in top working conditions, for accurate measurements, you need to know the reasons why your fabric moisture meter does not work as follows.

  • Why does the machine not work?

Low battery

When the fabric moisture meter is low on battery power, the device may not turn on or may not correctly read the measurement results. Warning signs of low battery include a fade display, inability to read, or simply cannot turn on the device. If there is not enough battery, the accuracy of the machine may be permanently affected. With this problem, you just need to replace the battery to make it work properly.

 Broken disk / Scan plate

The pins on a type moisture meter with a battery and scan plate on a non-foot device are not separated from the correct operation of the moisture meter. When damaged, the accuracy of the machine may be affected. Repairs or replacements are for after the damage has been done. For most batteries, the measuring pins are designed to be easy to remove and replace, making fixing problems simple.

 A moisture meter in the wrong form

One of the most common reasons that fabric moisture meters do not work- they press the measurement button but nothing happens because they are in the wrong menu.

The best way to fix is to read the user manual or ask the vendor or manufacturer for help. Some manufacturers even have online videos that explain how to use the advanced features of their fabric moisture meter.

The internal components of the moisture meter are broken

The machine falls on hard concrete, or you store it in a place with a high temperature or too low, … – whatever the reason, the machine has some serious internal damage and it won’t work anymore.

In most cases, besides troubleshooting yourself, it’s better to send the device back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

The meter is out of calibration

If a machine is out of calibration, the best solution is to send it to the manufacturer for simple repairs. In many cases, this small problem can be overcome quickly

  • Things to keep in mind to preserve fabric moisture meter

Leave the machine without any of the above problems. Proper preservation is also important. Let’s look at ways to preserve the device below!

Maintain an important part of the fabric moisture meter – sensor element.

The sensor is the part that determines whether the machine will give accurate analytical results. Therefore, users should regularly clean this part, avoiding dust and dirt creating dark spots for the sensor.

Notice where to store the device

A fabric moisture meter should be stored in cool, dry places. Avoid leaving the device in places with high humidity, dust, temperatures that are too low or too high because these places are easy to cause damage, reducing the operation of the machine.

Regularly clean the machine with a soft, damp towel.

Note when cleaning, avoid using rough towels that will scratch the device. Also, using a smooth towel would be better for the machine.

Please remove the battery if not using the device

Users need to regularly check the battery – the energy source that maintains the machine’s operation.

If the meter is not used routinely, users should remove the battery from the device. Because, if the device is less used, keep the battery in the machine, causing the plastic battery to spill. In the case of regular use, when the device shows up the symbol “Low”, the user needs to replace the battery immediately, avoid trying to use, otherwise, it will reduce the measurement results and may damage the machine.

The  fabric should not be too thick or too thin

If the sample of the material is too thick or thin, it will distort the measurement result, so be sure to put the sample in a reasonable level to get the most accurate result.

In conclusion

I have explained to you the common issues and how to preserve the best moisture meter for a long time. Wish it useful for you.

How To Work With Woodworking Clamps

It is quite hard to tell why the woodworking clamps are what we will talk about, but I will make sure that the woodworking clamps is one of the best and need-to-have tools in your own workshop. So today I will introduce to you some tips and tricks to get used with this tool in a relaxed and understandable way. Let’s dig into it now.

Keep Glue-ups Flat and Flush By Cauls

Cauls, a very first thing need to focus on, was create from 4x2s, then the faces of edge-glued boards are clamp to maintain its shape. A note for you is to use an arrow to justify the direction of a slight bow in each one of caul you have. If you squeeze boards together with hard woodworking as pipe clamps, these tools often arch or slip out of alignment. A couple of the cauls, which is upper and lower, are the right choice. The bar clamps slightly squeeze the cauls by the woodworkers, and then the pipe clamps were tightened, then a bit more tightening. Finally, they continue to clamp back and forth until the boards have become flat and flush.

The favorite cauls of many carpenters are made from 2x4s. They said that they carefully choose the one that has a light 1-1/2-in edge bend or “crown” along the, but there is no warp or twist. Because the crown creates extra pressure in the middle of the caul, it is an advantage. In the end, remember to label all the cauls by marking an arrow to illustrate the direction of the top and the length of the caul.

Lift The Clamps From The Low

Try to create from scraps of 1/2-in plywood your individual handy clamp jacks. Simultaneously, your pipe clamps off the bench will be raised by the homemade clamp jacks, so there will be a variety of room under for alignment cauls and clamps and the handles turn freely. The studs also act as pads to keep braces from denting the wood. The professional jacks are 8 centimeters long and made from 1/2-in plywood.

Square Your Work With Shift Clamp

Tighten a perfect right angle to draw the face frame into and lightly shift one or two clamps. Then, taking diagonal measurements to check the squareness of a cabinet frame or box. Shift the positions of the clamps if the measurements aren’t equal. In most of the cases, a slight shift will do the trick. Sometimes, shifting just one clamp will pull the assembly into a square.

Use One Caul Instead Of Many Clamps

A caul spreads the clamping pressure more evenly over the thin edging, so gluing a thin edging is a right choice

Thin, flexible parts require lots of clamps to create a consistently tight fit. Alternatively, a caul is the excellent choice for you because this solid-wood editing on plywood, for instance, would have demanded a woodworking clamp every few inches. However, with a stiff caul to spread the clamping force, I was able to use fewer clamps, spaced far apart.

Iron Out Veneer-clamping Problems

A thin coat of dried wood glue would be activated to “clamp” the veneer by a hot iron. Moreover, it is tough to glue down veneer, so you guys have to floating apply, even every square inch by pressure. Besides, although fancy tools for this purpose are many, for small veneer jobs, a thin coat of wood glue should be applied to the substrate and the back of your veneer, try it. Next, let’s dry the glue. Then use a hot iron (no steam) and position the veneer to press the glue into place and activate the glue at the same time. The bond is slightly immediate and very hard. You will love it, and I assure that.

Hold-down Over Your Head

Not so much, but the 2×4 clamp is useful when it is used from above by you. Sometimes, a clamp is not as good as a 2×4 wedged against overhead joists, so when a tabletop is routed, for instance, they can just rout continuously without stopping and shifting clamps around. This trick is also advance when it comes to the need for applying some kind of force where the reaching range of clamps will not come to it.

Is Cheap Wood Chisels Better Than Expensive Chisels?

I’m so excited when I find out the good tools for wood chisels. I’m sure that if you are here, you are confusing what is the best choice when facing on many tools of the wood chisel. Besides the real and perfect tools, there are many cheap brands about the wood chisel with the bad product, weak materials, and limited skill, not forget the main things here is the price, low price always makes you blind, and you will buy it with many risks. So with my experience before I buy it, I read, watched the review and asked friends, I’m sure I can guide you what the things to know and avoid when you want to buy wood chisel.

Price, price, and price

Everything will have a price of it’s. But nowadays there are still have crazy things in the world like Xiaomi of China, the cheap smartphone with excellent quality as compared with iPhone, or Samsung. That’s all, it just a hot trend in a recent when human have been developt in a constant area, and this sector is popular in the world, I mean, all people need it. Now go back to the wood chisels, what do you think there are also have cheap wood chisels with good quality? For me, the answer is not. Why? Let’s compare with two product here. I’m the one who bought it, and the result is very amazing.

The first product I bought in a market and that is the first time I buy the wood chisel with no experience because I want to create one wooden doll for my younger sister and my thought seems very simple just buy one. And then I went the market, asked the người bán hàng,  he introduced many types of wood chisels and with a different cost also. Finally, I bought the tools which were a little higher than the tools had the cheapest cost. It is made in China, no stranger with you guys, right.

Start with the first cut. OMG, It is so awful, my wood had rough, it looks so bad; moreover, when you use it in the wood it is so hard to use, and chisels, the weight of it may increase many times, and it makes my hand feel hurt. Overall, It not sharp, it takes my time, it breaks my doll, and it makes my hand feel uncomfortable. There’s nothing more to be said that terrible. After using it once I throw it in a corner and find my friends to ask help.

The second time I bought the wood chisel was for my father. My father is a man very keen on with the wood product, and in that time he wants to try to create a wood chair with dragon texture for his room, he is a fan of dragon and dæmon. I remembered about the tool with bad memories in the last time, so this time I asked my friend to buy a new one with good quality. And I found tools from Japan, the unique thing in this tool is that you have to book to Japanese who make it, the thing here is they make it by themselves, it different with the first tool, mass production. 60 product was finished in 3 months said by salespersons. This product has 1 item, that why the price when you buy 1 set will higher, not like the kits of China.

You know that if you try the bad thing before, you will know how awesome this tool. By the way, about the benefit, this tool made from carbon steel whereas China’s tool is CR-V steel. What to know the second in this sector is tool material. Characteristic of Carbon steel is crispy but very sharp. And when I compared it together, Japan’s tool is brighter and thicker; the shape is the same. When I cut the wood, the surface so smooth and it is straightforward to use, no more feeling heavy. The sound is so catchy.

This is the finished surface when using China’s tool.

This is the finished surface when using Japan’s tool

The price of two devices

–    China is 11$

–    Japan is 19.2$

You can refer to some product here. I checked it so you can rest assured.


With the double prices, The second tool I bought is excellent. Listen to me, try to accumulate money to buy a perfect item, don’t be cheap and then waste it. So this is my experience when purchasing wood chisel. I hope you can find useful things from my writing. Thank you. See you in another my written.

A cup of surprise

On weekdays, I get up around 5 am. Every so often Quincy will hear me and decide to also get up. I tell him that it is too early to be up and send him back to bed. No big deal… usually.

A couple mornings ago Quincy got up and I sent him back to bed… 5 times!

The last time he got up he said he needed water. So, I took him into the kitchen, handed him a cup of water and then, in a very impatient tone, told him to not get up again or there would be big consequences. I then left him to drink his water and returned to the bathroom to continue getting ready for work.

After a minute or so, Quincy stuck his head in the door to tell me he was returning to bed and that there was a note on the kitchen counter for me. After my shower I went into the kitchen to find this…

I love you too, Quincy.

Love for the doh

Last night, Maggie came up to me with a huge lump of Play-Doh in her hand and said…

Daddy, I really love Play-Doh. It is very special to me.

Grass and Clouds

Maggie just walked up to me and asked…

When it is not dark outside can we actually go look at the clouds and lay in the grass?


This is a video that my lovely, amazing, beautiful wife made. Enjoy!

A grand return

It’s been over a year since I last updated my site. Wow.

Just a couple days ago I was trying to remember something that had happened almost two years ago. I turned to my site to see if I had documented the event. Turns out that I had. But that’s not all I discovered. By not updating my site I have missed a lot of opportunities to share stories about my family.

Going back and reading some if the things Quincy has said was great fun, but it also made me sad that I didn’t have more stuff about Maggie on the site. So, as of today I am going to attempt to return to blogging and sharing stories of my family. My hope is that one day Maggie and Quincy will be able to read back through the posts and get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

I won’t be pulling any small updates (AKA Twitter) into this site like I use to. If you want to keep up-to-date with those or any family photos I might share, then it’s best to friend me in Facebook.

With that said… let the blogging begin!